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Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and Energy Field Specialized Channel
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7th International Offshore Industries Conference

Growth in demand for fossil energy in many countries has caused special attention to Middle East, particularly the Persian Gulf and the Caspian Sea as a rich source of energy. A quick look at the investments made ​​in these areas, and the presence of foreign companies is an evidence for this claim. Since Iran is between two poles of energy and because of the fields which are shared between Iran and adjacent countries, more companies in the field of design, engineering and contracting of offshore industry must be established and developed. Success of these companies in our country (performing projects) and foreign countries (exportation engineering and technical services) are dependent on development of their engineering and technical knowledge to improve and expansion the quality of relevant projects.

Regard to importance of presenting latest technical achievements and innovations of the field's experts, different activities were done that holding 6 national offshore industry conference were their strength point.

In the following of these activities and in the next conference which its main approach is strengthen engineering power of offshore engineering; the most important issues facing engineering section of the Iranian companies which are active in the offshore projects will be discussed.

It is hoped that holding of the 7h conference will be an effective step to improve the power of the offshore industry of the country. It is no doubt that the consultation and participation of all scientific experts, industry leaders and academics in the field of offshore industries is required.

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Iran, Tehran, Tehran, Sharif University of Technology, Azadi Avenue