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Iran's Petchem Cooperation with Norway

Iran is self-sufficient in topnotch technologies.

In the sideline of the signing agreement ceremony between NPC Research & Technology Company and Norner Company, Lars H. Evensen, Director Business Development of the Norwegian company explained to Energy Today about the perspective of Iran's Petrochemical industry in the world. The following interview comes below:

 Please explain about your cooperation with Iranian company?

 We had discussions with NPC R&T for many years ago. I think since 2009, but because of sanctions we had some difficulties and it has taken a long time, off course despite some problems we have launched very well. 

We have seen NPC R&T's important role in research and development of important technologies in Iran, and since Norway has been in petrochemical industry especially in polymer for more than 40 years, we have developed technologies and our products. We know the markets very well.

 So, we think that by combining the experience and knowledge of R&T Co. and Norway, we could be able to create new technology and very good products. This could be very important for Iran to export more products to more markets.

 There is a very tough competition, so production capacity is not enough. You need market knowledge about topnotch products.

 Do you think Iran has market knowledge?

 Iranian market is also big. But the market outside Iran is much bigger.

Our strength is in the market outside Iran but off course everything is important for Europe is also important for Iran. But Iranian market also needs to know about polymers.

 Do you continue your connection with Iran and bring new knowledge and technology in the country?

 Yes. This is our intention to bring finished technology because you have a lot of talent in Iran. You have strong finances with good resources for developing and increasing production . Iran is self-sufficient in important technologies and we hope only to bring finished technologies.


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